Injection Molding Seminar Classes – Molding Simulation

There are a number of injection molding seminars out there to choose from and most advertise at least some “hands-on” machine time (including Paulson ProMolder™ seminars). There is no substitute for getting in front of the molding machine and having the opportunity to actually try out what you have learned during class. You can’t become a […]

Have You Attended a Paulson ProMolder Seminar Yet?

The year 2014 was  the Paulson Plastics Academy’s Biggest Year Ever!  Hundreds of injection molders and extrusion processors earned their Paulson Certification! Hundres of  plastics professionals received their Paulson ProMolder™ (injection molding) and ProEx 1™ (extrusion) certification this year. We are definitely seeing increased interest from injection molders, extrusion plants and extrusion blow molders across all industries […]

Paulson Plastics Academy Lead Instructor – Mike Eikenberry

I had the extreme good fortune of literally being born into the injection molding industry. I used to sit on my father’s knee while he worked on designing injection molds back in the early 60’s. As I grew up, learning the language of injection molding was just part of my normal language development. Once I […]

Seminars or In-Plant Training?

Companies often ask us “What the best way to train my employees?” The fact that they are asking the questions is good. Why? Because it shows that they at least recognize that some kind of formal, structured training is better than unplanned, unstructured “on-the-job” training. That is unfortunately the “training program” used by most injection […]